Enhance Your eCommerce with Shopify and eaSSy Middleware

Elevate your retail experience with eMobilePOS—your all-in-one solution for a seamless Shopify integration into your existing POS infrastructure. Whether standing alone or bridging your legacy systems, eMobilePOS offers a versatile integration platform to link with virtually any e-commerce environment. Benefit from a unified and efficient management of in-store and online sales channels, optimizing your retail operations with our user-friendly eaSSy middleware.


Bridging Online and Offline Retail

Bridging Online and Offline Retail

Utilize eaSSy middleware to effortlessly link your Shopify eCommerce platform with legacy POS systems. Enjoy a unified, efficient management process for both your online and brick-and-mortar stores

Simplified eCommerce Integration

Simplified eCommerce Integration

Our eaSSy middleware makes integrating Shopify with your existing POS systems straightforward and user-friendly, minimizing setup time and complexity.

Cost-Effective eCommerce Solutions

Experience an affordable way to expand your retail operations online. Shopify integration through eaSSy middleware offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on functionality.

Unified Sales Management

Achieve a cohesive view of your sales channels. Seamlessly manage your online and offline sales data with the combined power of Shopify and eaSSy middleware.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide a superior shopping experience to your customers. Integrated Shopify solutions offer consistency and reliability across all sales platforms.

Advanced eCommerce Capabilities

Streamlining Your Retail Operations

Discover the advanced features and capabilities that Shopify integration brings to your business. Enhance efficiency, data accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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Real-Time Inventory Sync

Ensure consistent stock across all channels.

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Intuitive User Interface

Easy-to-navigate, efficient operation interface.


In-depth Sales Analytics

Strategic insights from detailed sales data.

Customizable Solutions

Your brand, your rules: adapt flexibly.

Reliable Data Security

Place your trust in top-tier transaction security.

Transform Retail with Shopify and eaSSy

Elevate your retail business by integrating Shopify with your legacy POS via eMobilePOS's eaSSy middleware. Embrace a seamless, intuitive, and affordable eCommerce solution.