eMobilePOS Kiosk Software: Versatility Across Industries

eMobilePOS offers an all-in-one kiosk software that fits all the functionality of a traditional POS system into a kiosk or tablet environment. Providing a stylish design, ergonomic footprint and intuitive interface, our kiosk solutions are available at significantly lower cost than a traditional POS. Flexible configuration enables merchants to use our kiosk solutions as a standalone system or seamlessly integrate with your existing POS systems to enable unified commerce.

eMobile Kiosk

Dynamic and Flexible Kiosk Solutions

Customized to Meet Diverse Business Needs

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Intuitive Interface for Enhanced Interactions

eMobilePOS kiosks feature a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to easily start orders and complete checkouts, supported by visual product displays and step-by-step guidance​​.


Advanced Payment Solutions

Our EMV-compliant kiosks support various payment options, including NFC-enabled methods like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, ensuring secure and versatile transaction processing​​ capabilities.


Scalable, Cloud-Based Kiosk Software

eMobilePOS kiosks operate on a cloud-based SaaS model, offering affordability and scalability with a low monthly subscription that covers maintenance, support, and future updates​​.


Real-Time Operational Management

Efficiently track and manage inventory, employee activities, and customer interactions, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and enhanced business performance through streamlined processes.

Real-Time Analytics for Business Insights

Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Decisions

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Comprehensive Sales Tracking & Analysis

Gain insights with eMobilePOS's dashboard analytics, enabling effective monitoring of sales, transaction history, and real-time business data.

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Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

Enhance customer engagement with eMobilePOS's integrated loyalty program, featuring easy sign-up, point accumulation, and redemption, fostering lasting customer loyalty.

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Multi-Industry Applicability

Versatility at its core, eMobilePOS Kiosks are designed to cater to various industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and education, adapting to different operational needs seamlessly.

Effortless Integration with eMobilePOS Kiosk Software & Solutions

Seamless Integration Across Your Business

Integrating kiosks with eMobilePOS through our eaSSy system transforms your business operations. This integration offers a dual advantage – it acts as an independent system while complementing your existing eMobilePOS setup. Our Kiosk Edition is engineered for intuitive customer engagement, significantly elevating user experiences across various environments.

The key to its functionality is its seamless compatibility with established POS systems and essential business platforms, including QuickBooks, SAGE, and Retail Management Hero. This integration facilitates a unified operation, enabling businesses to manage transactions and customer interactions more efficiently.

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Transform Your Business with Our Kiosk Software

Explore how eMobilePOS kiosk software can revolutionize your business operations across various industries. Contact us for a personalized demo and discover the benefits.