Extend Your RMH POS System with eaSSy Middleware

Embrace the cutting-edge functionality of eMobilePOS’s eaSSy middleware, offering more than just a seamless connection to Retail Management Hero (RMH). Elevate your business with the flexibility of mobile POS capabilities, the convenience of self-service kiosks, and the expansive reach of e-commerce integration. Transform your POS system into a comprehensive, user-friendly platform designed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency, providing an integrated retail environment.


Retail Management Hero for Seamless Integration

Simplifying Connectivity

Unleash the potential of your POS system with eMobilePOS’s RMH integration. Our eaSSy middleware is the key to unlocking effortless connectivity, making merging your legacy systems with RMH simple. Enjoy a hassle-free setup process designed to minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency.

Effortless Set Up

Setting up your RMH integration is a straightforward process with our eaSSy middleware. Engineered for ease, it allows for quick integration without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Get up and running with a solution that’s as efficient as it is effective.

Reliable Performance

Reliability is at the core of our RMH integration. With eaSSy middleware, expect a stable and consistent connection between your legacy POS and RMH. Our technology ensures that your system runs smoothly, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted service.

Quick, Lasting Benefits

Experience the swift integration that leads to long-term advantages. Our eaSSy middleware not only connects your systems quickly but also lays the foundation for enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer experiences.

Streamlined Operations

The integration of RMH with your legacy POS system streamlines your business operations. Enjoy a unified system that simplifies processes and drives business growth, from inventory management to sales tracking.


Seamless RMH Integration, Streamlined

Maximize Efficiency with eMobilePOS RMH Integration

Explore the extensive benefits of integrating RMH with your POS systems using eMobilePOS. Achieve greater synchronization and efficiency in inventory management and financial reporting.


Precise Inventory Control

Ensure accurate inventory levels. eMobilePOS RMH integration enhances inventory tracking, minimizing errors and boosting operational efficiency.

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Instant Reporting Insights

Get up-to-date with instant reporting. RMH integration via eMobilePOS offers immediate access to essential data, aiding in smarter business decisions.


Financial Understanding

Gain deeper financial insights with RMH's advanced reporting features integrated into eMobilePOS, offering a comprehensive view of your financial health.


Customizable, Expandable

Adapt your RMH integration to your specific business requirements. eMobilePOS's solution is designed to be flexible and scalable, evolving with your enterprise.

Enhance Your Business with RMH Integration
and eaSSy

Discover the benefits of integrating RMH with eMobilePOS. Request a demo to see how this powerful tool can transform your operations. With our user-friendly interface and comprehensive support, integrating your legacy POS system has never been easier or more reliable.