Flexibility in Payment Processing with eMobilePOS

As a vendor agnostic payment processing provider, we allow clients to select a merchant services plan that meets the unique needs of their business. Compatible with many leading payment processors, our payment solutions are flexible enabling unified commerce. We empower merchants to easily accept payments in a variety of settings including card present transactions at the POS, mobile payments, contactless (kiosk) environments or as online transactions through your e-commerce store.

Tailored Payment Processing Solutions

Customized to Fit Your Business Needs

Our secure and reliable payment solutions enable you to select the most cost-efficient card acceptance solution for your business. Seamlessly process credit, debit, gift, loyalty, ACH, and NFC payments (like Apple Pay or Google Wallet) through a single platform. Advanced payment features include the ability to accept payments against invoices, partial payments, split tenders and accept signatures on the screen.
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Elavon's advanced capabilities guarantee secure transactions for your business, seamlessly integrating with eMobilePOS to cater to diverse payment needs and enhance operational efficiency.

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FISERV's cutting-edge technology, combined with eMobilePOS, delivers a robust solution for handling a variety of transactions securely and efficiently, facilitating seamless business operations.



Partnering with Heartland, eMobilePOS provides a dependable platform, offering secure, user-friendly solutions to streamline your transactional processes and improve customer satisfaction.

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TSYS brings to the table innovative solutions that integrate smoothly with eMobilePOS, enabling your business to handle transactions more effectively, securely, and with greater ease.

Advanced Mobile Payment Integration

Seamless Transactions On-the-Go


Optimizing Operations with Payment Tech

Optimize your operations with our state-of-the-art payment technology. Experience the benefits of rapid, secure transactions and an enhanced customer experience, all integrated seamlessly into your business.


Empowering Your Business with Versatile Options

Our system empowers your business with versatile payment options, catering to a diverse range of customer preferences. It's designed to be adaptable, ensuring a perfect fit for all business scenarios.

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Card Present Transactions At Checkout

Experience seamless card-present transactions at checkout with our versatile processing system. Whether in-store or at a mobile POS, ensure fast, secure, and convenient payment experiences for your customers.

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Remote or Mobile Payments for any Sales Scenario

Our solution caters to remote or mobile payments, offering flexibility for various sales scenarios. Handle transactions efficiently, whether at events, in the field, or on the move, with our reliable mobile payment options.

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Contactless/Unattended Payments through Kiosk

Facilitate contactless and unattended payments through kiosks with eMobilePOS. Ideal for fast-paced environments, our system offers a secure, hassle-free payment method for customers preferring contactless interactions.

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Online payments through your eCommerce/mCommerce websites

Integrate eMobilePOS with your eCommerce or mCommerce platforms for smooth online payment processing. Our solution supports various payment methods, ensuring a secure and seamless checkout experience for your online customers.

eaSSy Integration Options with Payment Processors

Connecting Your Business with Top Payment Solutions

eMobilePOS offers highly flexible integration options with various payment processors. Customizable to your business needs, our system ensures smooth, continuous operation with robust technical support. This adaptability and our commitment to personalized solutions guarantee an efficient, streamlined experience.
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Step Into the Future of with eMobilePOS

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