Transformative, Modern Point of Sale Solutions

Our modern point of sale software is designed for various settings including traditional counters, mobile POS, and kiosks. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, it turns smartphones or tablets into versatile POS systems for any sales context. The software streamlines customer transactions, payment processing, inventory tracking, and order management. It also includes functionalities for loyalty and gift card programs, all through an intuitive touchscreen interface. Adapting to different business environments like bustling retail stores and vibrant restaurants, it addresses the unique needs of your enterprise with simplicity and efficiency.

Enhancing Business Dynamics with Modern POS

Harness the power of eMobilePOS for a versatile, countertop, mobile or self-service point-of-sale experience. Transform transactions into efficient, value-driven interactions.

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Adapt to any sales scenario with our flexible POS system. From pop-up shops to permanent retail locations, eMobilePOS caters to all.

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Take your business on the go with mobile POS capabilities. Perfect for trade shows, outdoor events, or anywhere your business takes you.

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. eMobilePOS works in harmony with your current business applications.

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eMobilePOS is designed to provide cost-effective POS solutions without compromising on quality and performance.

Expanding POS Capabilities

Dive into our extensive range of features, from payment processing to sales and customer interactions, all built for efficiency and compliance.

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Our platform simplifies the payment process by supporting a range of methods like credit, debit, NFC, and more, all on a single platform. It also offers features like on-screen signatures, email or print receipts, and flexible options for invoice payments, partial payments, and split tenders.


Inventory Management

This feature enhances product management with SKU, price, or quantity lookups, image additions to inventory items, a robust product matrix for different sizes, styles, and colors, and supports various functionalities like consignment sales and variable pricing promotions.


Multi-Location Support

Tailored for businesses with multiple locations, this feature allows for efficient management of inventory, sales, pricing, devices, and users across different locations.


Reporting & Analytics

Access real-time web-based analytics to track sales, taxes, inventory, and more. This includes transaction history lookup and the generation of detailed reports by location, store clerk, or product.


Self Service Kiosk

eMobilePOS Kiosk Edition, based on the acclaimed eMobilePOS platform, offers a simplified interface designed for consumer interaction. It boasts seamless integration with legacy POS systems and major e-commerce, accounting, and ERP systems.


Customer Loyalty

Enhance customer loyalty by accepting both physical and digital gift cards, creating tier-based reward promotions, and offering special promotions within specific timeframes. This feature caters to customers whether they purchase online, in-store, or remotely.


In Aisle Shopping

This feature revolutionizes in-aisle shopping with streamlined mobile checkout, self-service options, real-time inventory updates, and personalized offers and recommendations during browsing.



Offering seamless integration with leading ERP and accounting systems, our platform is compatible with various payment processors and supports easy integration with eCommerce and mCommerce platforms, including barcode and QR code scanning for efficient inventory management.

eaSSy Integration & Seamless Interoperability

Enjoy effortless setup and wide-ranging compatibility with leading business systems and applications.

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See the eMobilePOS Difference

Discover the full potential of eMobilePOS. Experience our seamless POS solution in action — schedule your personalized demo now.