Mobile POS System: Streamlining Business with eMobilePOS

eMobilePOS, your versatile mobile POS solution, effortlessly transforms smartphones and tablets into powerful sales tools, merging traditional POS features with modern convenience at a lower cost. Ideal for various sectors like retail, dining, and field services, it streamlines transactions and inventory management and integrates with existing systems. This leading software supports all payment types and works offline, boosting sales and customer engagement with loyalty programs and real-time analytics while seamlessly fitting into diverse business ecosystems with multiple ERP and accounting system compatibility.

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Features that Empower

Advanced Capabilities for Your Business


Intuitive User Interface

Designed with user experience in mind, eMobilePOS features an intuitive interface that simplifies sales, inventory management, and customer interactions, facilitating seamless adoption and proficiency for your team.

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Robust Product Matrix

Manage your products effortlessly with a robust product matrix that includes various attributes like size, color, and style, ensuring a detailed and efficient inventory management system, a key feature of our mobile POS software.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Unlock invaluable insights through our robust sales analytics feature, a cornerstone of our mobile POS system, empowering you to leverage data-driven decisions that elevate your business strategy and drive profitability to new heights.

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Mobile Payment Flexibility

We offer unparalleled flexibility in mobile payments, including credit card, NFC, and mobile wallet options, providing convenience to your customers and ensuring seamless transactions with our advanced mobile POS software.

Mobile POS for Any Sale

Enhance Your Sales Experience Across Diverse Industries


Retail Empowerment

Ideal for retail settings, eMobilePOS facilitates real-time inventory access and network-independent payment processing, enhancing customer service.

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Field Service Excellence

In field services, eMobilePOS streamlines mobile payment and parts ordering, improving cash flow and profitability.


Stadium & Arena Efficiency

Revolutionizing stadium and arena operations, eMobilePOS delivers in-seat ordering and quick concessions, elevating the fan experience.


Food & Beverage Flexibility

Tailored for the food and beverage industry, eMobilePOS handles over 3 billion transactions, ensuring reliable and fast service in dynamic environments.


Wholesale & Distribution Mastery

eMobilePOS enhances wholesale distribution with mobile check and credit card processing, offering real-time inventory visibility.


Kiosk Innovation

eMobilePOS transforms iPads into all-in-one POS workstations, ideal for kiosk setups with its stylish design and intuitive use.

eaSSy Integration & Seamless Interoperability

Simplify Your Business Operations

eMobilePOS boasts easy integration and seamless interoperability with leading accounting and ERP systems, providing a holistic solution that augments your existing business infrastructure.

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