Simplifying Online School Payments

eMobilePOS offers advanced payment solutions tailored specifically for educational institutions. Our innovative platform enables online school payments, streamlining processes and ensuring a hassle-free experience for administrators and parents. With TUPYX, schools can easily manage a variety of payments including tuition, books, service fees and retail purchases such as supplies and school merchandise. Our platform provides a single, seamless interface to handle all payment types, making it convenient and efficient.

Education Payment Solutions to Enhance Operations

Optimizing Administrative Tasks and Increasing Convenience for Parents

Efficiently manage school operations, streamline billing, and enhance parent convenience with our comprehensive payment solutions and automation features.

Streamlining the Billing Process

Provide a hassle-free way for schools to collect and track payments. Parents can conveniently submit payments online or through our smartphone app, with bills sent via email or accessible  web portal. Our platform offers recurring payment options to avoid late payments. It also automatically generates daily transaction reports and receipts. Integration with major accounting and ERP systems ensures seamless financial management.

School Cafeteria POS Automation

eMobilePOS streamlines cafeteria operations with advanced POS automation features. From managing meal plans to food ordering in-advance, our POS for school cafeterias enables loading funds into accounts quickly and securely. With recurring payment options and daily transaction reports to parents, cafeteria management becomes efficient and transparent.

Online School Store

Our POS solution offers an integrated eCommerce store, countertop POS, and school-branded smartphone options for school supply sales. Organize goods by grade, subject, or event and offer convenient payment methods including credit card or student funds accounts. Our system seamlessly shares data with your management system, and you can keep parents informed with up-to-date reports.

Event Ticket System

Simplify event ticket sales by offering the ability to order and pay for tickets online, a kiosk or through your smartphone. The POS system takes care of generating digital or printed receipts and reports and sharing data with your finance department.

Ready to Simplify Operations?

Experience the power of eMobilePOS for your educational institution. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to meet your unique needs, from streamlining online school payments to automating cafeteria operations and managing school supplies and events.