The World Salsa Championships in Photos

eMobilePOS Danced With Star at the World Salsa Championships

The weekend at the World Salsa Championships in Atlanta was awesome and we can still feel the latin rhythms. eMobilePOS and Star Micronics mPOP kept lines moving and handled both ticket sales at the door and merchandise sales during the event.




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See eMobilePOS Live at Money 20/20

See eMobilePOS Live at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas

M2020_logo_dates copyeMobilePOS, the award-winning, full-feature POS for Android, Apple, and Windows tablets and handheld devices will be demonstrated at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, October 25-28 in the following booths. Please come and visit us and see how it works live in any of the following booths:

#1349 – Star Micronics

#1710 – PowaPOS

#1739 – AnywhereCommerce

#2043 – Handpoint

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eMobilePOS Attends Groupe Millenium Micro Event

eMobilePOS Attends Groupe Millenium Micro Event in Montreal

This Canadian IT buying consortium brought some 260+ member organizations selling various IT solutions to this event.

There was a great deal of interest in eMobilePOS as legacy solutions are too costly and inherently complex to deploy. The easy-to-sell and deploy nature of eMobilePOS was a great draw for these resellers looking for cost-effective, simple to use, and robust POS system.






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eMobilePOS Attends BlueStar POSitive Trends Roadshow

eMobilePOS Teams up with Star at Bluestar’s POSitive Trends Roadshow

eMobilePOS generated a lot of interest among VARs who participated in BlueStar’s POSitive Trends roadshow that made a stop in Ft Lauderdale last week. eMobilePOS sends gratitudes to Star Micronics that featured eMobilePOS running on Star’s new mini kiosk solution, AsuraCPRNT as well as other iPad and handheld based POS solutions. VARs enjoyed a evening of networking, product demonstrations, craft brews and conversation to discover what’s trending in the POS market space.

Register to join us for the upcoming shows here.

–          May 21, Baltimore

–          July 9, Minneapolis

–          October 22, San Diego



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eMobilePOS and Handpoint Team up to Provide EMV Compliant ‘Next-Gen’ Retail & Hospitality POS Solutions

eMobilePOS and Handpoint Team up to Provide EMV Compliant ‘Next-Gen’ Retail & Hospitality POS Solutions

Cost-efficient, turnkey handheld and tablet POS solutions with integrated chip and PIN payment capability and point-to-point encryption take pressure off merchants rushing to meet the October 2015 EMV deadline. Learn more about the partnership and the EMV ready solution at Transact 15, March 31 to April 2 in San Francisco.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — March 30, 2015— e-Nabler Corp., developer of the award-winning mobile POS software eMobilePOS today announced a partnership with Handpoint Inc., a leader in EMV payment services and winner of the 2015 Fintech Innovation Award for mobile POS.

Through the partnership, merchants get access to a turnkey tablet and handheld-based POS solution that complies with the quickly approaching Oct.15, 2015, EMV deadline. The new EMV standard mandates that U.S. merchants replace magnetic strip readers with chip and PIN readers or the merchant will assume liability for fraudulent purchases.

eMobilePOS has integrated and certified three Handpoint chip and PIN payment devices, including the Handpoint HiLite, HiBrid, and HiPro, enabling eMobilePOS to offer fully integrated EMV-certified payment processing. Card data is protected by point-to-point encryption between the PIN pad device and the payment gateway, significantly reducing the risk for the merchant. In addition to chip and PIN, Handpoint readers also have NFC and MSR capabilities.


Existing eMobilePOS users can upgrade their current POS solutions to EMV status by simply adding a low-cost Handpoint chip and PIN reader that is paired with a handheld or tablet POS device. This is an affordable and quick way to become EMV-compliant and secure.

“The EMV liability shift is causing U.S. merchants to reconsider their POS needs. New tablet-based POS systems are making the switch affordable and attractive for merchants of all sizes,” said Jody Muehlegger, head of U.S. operations at Handpoint. “Our partnership with eMobilePOS provides small and midsized merchants access to ‘next generation’ handheld and tablet-based POS systems with enterprise-class functionality and integrated EMV payments—at a fraction of the cost of a legacy solution.”

“Handpoint complements the eMobilePOS offering by providing secure, EMV-certified payments to eMobilePOS users across multiple industries,” said Joel Vázquez, president and CEO of eMobilePOS. “With this partnership we continue to deliver on our promise of providing more options and up-to-date systems to our clients.”

The joint solution will be demonstrated in booth # 211 at the ETA Transact 15, March 31 to April 2 in San Francisco.

The eMobilePOS and Handpoint solution is available through main distribution channels. Please contact eMobilePOS or Handpoint for more details.

About e-Nabler Corp.
Founded in 2001, e-Nabler, the company behind the award-winning eMobilePOS software, is one of the pioneers in mobile POS solutions and cloud-based software-as-a-service. eMobilePOS was the first full-featured POS app on iTunes and has, to date, processed more than 3 billion transactions. The company was recognized with the “Best New Mobile App” by AT&T during CTIA in 2008 and was awarded RSPA’s Innovative Solution Award at RetailNOW 2011. eMobilePOS is available for Apple iOS and Android. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @eMobilePOS and on Facebook.

About Handpoint Inc.
Handpoint provides a complete payment solution as a service for next-generation point of sale systems, delivering pre-certified chip (EMV) and contactless (including Apple PayTM) payments to POS developers with just a few lines of code. Handpoint has been a global innovator in payments, winning both the prestigious 2015 Fintech Innovation Award for mobile POS and 2014 Payments Award for the world’s first PCI certified point-to-point encryption for mobile (PCI-P2PE). Handpoint provides sleek card readers and payment services in Europe, South Africa, and now expanding to North America, supporting ISVs with a fast, efficient and cost-effective EMV solution prior to the October 2015 liability shift. Learn more at and explore our simple APIs at

Contact details
Matthew Inan, Director of Business Development and Sales Operations,
Tel: 954-258-9773 |

Jody Muehlegger, Head of U.S. Operations
Tel: 617-803-7204 |

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eMobilePOS to Exhibit at TRANSACT 2015 with Cayan, PowaPOS, and Handpoint



eMobilePOS will exhibit at ETA TRANSACT in San Francisco March 31 to April 2. TRANSACT brings the global payments industry together and connect the payment eco system under one roof.

eMobilePOS will demonstrate its full-feature POS software for tablets and smartphones in three different partner booths, including Cayan (#1400), PowaPOS (#425), and Handpoint (#211).

Please read more about TRANSACT 2015 here.



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eMobilePOS at Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto

Demonstration of Counter-Top and Tableside Hospitality Solution

This week, April 1-3, eMobilePOS was invited by BlueStar to exhibit in the company’s booth at the Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto. eMobilePOS demonstrated a complete counter-top and tableside hospitality solution, using both tablets and handhelds.

This time eMobilePOS ran on an iPad Air in an Archelon CAS enclosure with a Star TSP 654 printer and Star SMD series cash drawer. The tableside solution featured a Motorola ET1 tablet with stand, an iPod touch in a Ingenico iSMP sled, and a Star SM-S220i mobile printer.

Learn more about the show here:

Learn more about eMobilePOS for restaurants



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NRF 2015 recap with photos

Last week eMobilePOS demonstrated its award-winning POS solution for Apple iPad and iPod touch and Android tablets and phones at the Retail’s BIG Show in New York, and the interest was huge. eMobilePOS previewed several new, exciting features, including:

  • Tupyx; a fully integrated customer loyalty program and eWallet solution
  • eMobilePOS Kiosk; a self-service, kiosk version of eMobilePOS
  • Proxy-based printing with beacon technology

The eMobilePOS was demonstrated in the following booths:

Samsung #600

Honeywell booth #2735

Star Micronics #3925

Cayan (formerly Merchant Warehouse) #3181

Armor Active #355

CDW #2871

CRS #1766/1767

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eMobilePOS at BlueStar Canada Solution Days in Montreal

EMV Capable, Full-feature Mobile POS Impressed VARs in Canada

This week eMobilePOS participated in the BlueStar Solutions Day in Montreal, Canada, featuring a full array of tablet and handheld-based POS solutions available for Canadian merchants and enterprises. eMobilePOS is part of the iOS POS bundles offered by BlueStar Canada. BlueStar is an authorized Apple distributor and offers solutions for iPad Air, iPad mini or iPod touch, running eMobilePOS. During the event VARs could see a complete eMobilePOS counter-top tablet-based POS solution and a single-handed in-aisle retail, line-busting and, tableside solution with Ingenico iSMP sled featuring EMV Chip & PIN capability (available with Moneris Payments Solutions).

  • eMobilePOS will feature in-App native French language and supported by bi-lingual help-desk.
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Passport for Profit

Visit eMobilePOS Partners, Win Amazing Prices

Explore eMobilePOS and its eco-system of partners, win amazing prizes and find out about our lucrative Reseller program.

Collect stamps by visiting participating partners’ booths and win amazing prizes, including tablets, gift cards, cool accessories, and much more.

Return this passport card complete with all partner stamps to eMobilePOS booth #420 for your chance to win one of the top prizes. The prizes will be raffled on Tuesday, Aug 5th at 4:30 pm at the eMobilePOS booth.

Download your passport book here, print and bring it to the show.





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