Retail POS

Learn how eMobilePOS can work for your business

More than 3 billion transaction processed. Trusted by thousands of merchants.

Apparel & Footwear

Personalized customer service
In-aisle inventory visibility
Fully integrated customer loyalty program

Department Stores

Tablet-based countertop POS
In-aisle customer service and payment
Marketing and customer rewards program

Mall Kiosks

Space-saving tablet and handheld POS
Mobile payment and real-time inventory
Customer rewards program

Wine & Liquor Shops

In-aisle, personalized customer service
Real-time inventory
Fully integrated rewards program

Specialty/Inline Stores

Personalized, in-aisle customer service
Handheld and tablet-based POS
Track sales/inventory across all stores

Mobile Retail

Process payments from anywhere
Works even when no network is available
Access inventory in real-time