Stadium & Arena POS

eMobilePOS Provides In-Seat Ordering and Speedy Checkout for Food Concession and Merchandise Sales

eMobilePOS is a tablet and handheld-based POS solution that provides speedy checkout for food concessions and merchandise shops, located in arenas and stadiums where fans don’t want to miss a minute of the game or concert. Also use for in-seat ordering or self-service kiosks. 

Tablet and Handheld POS

  • Support for both tablet and handheld POS
  • Save valuable counter space and install in minutes
  • Built to speed up checkout and keep lines moving during peak hours
  • Accept any type of payment, including credit cards, checks, cash, NFC-enabled payments, and gift cards–even off-line
  • Add handheld devices for line busting during peak hours without taking up extra space

Food Concession Sales

  • Create electronic tickets on the tablet or handheld device and send wirelessly to the kitchen
  • Reduce the time spent per order and eliminate mistakes by placing orders electronically instead of on a piece of paper
  • Prompt cashiers to ask for add-ons to increase the average check size (e.g. “hold the onion but add bacon to a hamburger or add toppings to the pizza”)

Archelon_Captuvo_450pxIn-Seat Ordering

  • Greatly increase food sales by allowing fans to order and pay for food and beverage from their seats and have it delivered to them

Tableside Service

  • Speed up service and improve table turns by allowing fans to order and pay for food directly from a tablet mounted to the table
  • Servers can take orders and process payments right at the table with a tablet or handheld–enabling faster service and less mistakes

Merchandise Sales

  • Quick and easy installation makes it a perfect POS solution for pop-up merchandise sales that can be set up (and pack away) in minutes
  • Increase capacity without taking up valuable real estate by adding extra handhelds or tablets for line busting

Self-Service Kiosk

  • Increase capacity and keep lines moving by adding eMobilePOS Kiosk for self-service ordering


Learn how Seattle Seahawks are using eMobilePOS to sell more team merchandise. Download case study

Secure Payments

  • EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and pin payments
  • Accept NFC-based payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Scalable and Cost-Efficient

  • Use stand alone or seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, SAGE and other accounting systems
  • Chose from a broad selection of stylish and compact hardware solutions
  • Enjoy the freedom of choice to select the most cost-efficient payment processor
  • Pay a low monthly fee with no upfront investments in software licenses or servers–affordable even for small businesses

Keep Track of Business

  • Access web-based dashboard analytics with real-time visibility to sales and other key metrics from any type of device
  • Keep track of the inventory to make that the best-sellers are always in stock and reduce wast

IPAD-draftKey Features

        • Process credit cards, checks, cash, gift cards, and NFC-enabled payments
        • Wirelessly send orders to a printer or display
        • Select or withhold add-ons
        • Put orders on hold and reopen tickets
        • Enter tips
        • Sign on the screen
        • Email or print receipts
        • Control a wireless cash drawer
        • Scan QR codes and other bar codes
        • Apply coupons and discounts
        • Track the business in real-time
        • Manage products attributes, product categories, and add-ons
        • Grow the business with a fully integrated gift cards and loyalty program
        • Integrate with legacy POS and accounting systems
        • Keep track of employees hours
        • Access web-based dashboard analytics in real-time
        • Generate sales reports

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