POS for Android Tablets

Full-Feature POS for Android Tablets

eMobilePOS for Android tablets is an all-in-one POS software that fits all the functionality of a traditional POS workstation into a tablet, providing stylish design, intuitive use, and flexibility—at significantly lower cost. From speedy checkout to keeping track of customers, inventory, and sales performance, eMobilePOS does it all.

Use in any sales scenario

  • Easy-to-use interface for Android tablets that both employees and customers are used to from their everyday lives—gets everybody up to speed in a snap.
  • Highly scalable—use in small mom and pop’s stores and restaurants as well as corporate chains with many locations.
  • Easily configurable interface—for use in quick service restaurants, bars, coffee shops, food trucks, boutiques, specialty stores, large retail chains, and department stores.

Stand-alone or seamless integration

eMobilePOS can be operated as a stand-alone POS solution but also offers compatibility and full integration with QuickBooks, SAGE 50/100/300/500, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Retail Pro, Oracle and SAP to mention a few.

Reliable, certified peripherals

A broad range of certified peripherals, including secure POS stands, EMV certified chip and PIN readers, MSRs, receipt printers, and bar code readers allows merchants to turn the Android tablet into the perfect POS solution.


NFC and EMV ready payments

eMobilePOS offers EMV compatible chip and PIN payments as well as the ability to process checks (ACH and Check21), gift cards, and cash. In addition, it supports Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other contactless payments.

Since eMobilePOS is a native application, it can process both online and offline sales.

Track sales in real-time

A web portal with dashboard analytics allows merchants  track sales activities in real-time as well as see transaction history with the ability to view more detailed information about a specific transaction or the most popular products.

Samsung Galaxy 6 eMobilePOS backoffice

Powa POS and Samsung Galaxy 6 tab

Earn and redeem loyalty rewards

At checkout the customer has the option to sign up for a customer loyalty card and enter his or her loyalty card number to earn or redeem points. It allows merchants to track customers and send personalized promotions. In addition, merchants can issue gift cards from inside eMobilePOS.

Cloud-based subscription model

eMobilePOS is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS) – with no upfront software license expenses or investment in servers, making it affordable even for small business owners. The low monthly subscription fee includes maintenance and support as well as all future updates of eMobilePOS.

Key features

  • Customizable home screen (background image, logo, message)
  • Easily add or remove products
  • Scan the item’s bar code or tap on item on the screen
  • Provide good visuals with high resolution product photos
  • Select add-ons and modifiers
  • Add tips
  • Sign on the screen
  • Sign up for loyalty card
  • Earn and redeem loyalty/rewards points
  • Issue and redeem gift cards
  • Pay with credit and debit cards
  • Accept EMV compliant payments with support for chip and PIN
  • NFC-enabled payments such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Tupyx eWallet
  • Enter shipping address
  • Email and/or print receipts
  • Ring up sales in any situation, even off-line if necessary
  • Remotely monitor usage and track sales

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