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  • Red Mango

    The speed at checkout and food preparation has critical impact on customer satisfaction and the bottom line when you run a quick-service business. eMobilePOS speeds things up. View full case study (965 KB, pdf)Red Mango – Mario Domínguez, area developer of Red Mango Puerto Rico

  • Agro Servicios

    eMobilePOS puts important information at our sales team’s finger tips, allowing them to provide our customers real-time information and submit orders with no delays. eMobilePOS has enabled us grow our sales force without hiring more support. View full case study

    Agro Servicios – Peter Vivoni, president of Agro Servicios

  • Seattle Seahawks

    eMobilePOS for OpSuite allows us to provide our fans with great service by finding product and answering questions, and then we can check them out and get them back to the game without any wait. Additionally, training our associates on the eMobilePOS system takes five to 10 minutes. Because most employees are already familiar with the iOS interface, there is virtually no ramp-up time. View full case studySeattle Seahawks – Nick Johnson, IT specialist for the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders Football Club

  • Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

    Our guests are more apt to order additional drinks or snacks because they don’t need to wait as long. I would estimate we’ve already seen an approximate 50 percent decrease in the amount of time and labor required just to take orders and about 20 percent in sales increase. Download case studyTuscaloosa Amphitheater – Joe O’Brien, Director of Concessions, Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

  • Akzo Nobel (in partnership with AT&T)

    As a result, the lead time on new orders has been reduced to 4-5 hours from a typical 24-hour turnaround. Now customer orders can actually arrive on-site faster than ever before—sometimes a full day earlier. The company has also been able to reduce its customer service staff and realize a savings of $80,000 annually, while improving overall customer satisfaction. View full case study.Akzo Nobel (in partnership with AT&T) – Samuel Diaz, Operations Manager for Azko Nobel

  • Zol EyeWear

    eMobilePOS allows us to keep track of each sale, and to maintain control over the inventory in each truck. The mobile system has saved at least 16 hours per week in data entry and paperwork, which adds up to almost 8 days per month. Because sales reps can accept payment in the field, we have also shortened the cash cycle for some accounts. View full case study.Zol EyeWear – David Mesqueue, president of Zol EyeWear

  • Cocova

    We have the flexibility in helping customers, and we’re able to expedite the customer’s check out process. In addition, our customers are very intrigued and impressed with the technology, and they view us as a progressive company. View full case study.Cocova – Robert Cabeca, owner of Cocova

  • d_parture Spa

    The total cost was approximately one-tenth of the other POS solutions that we looked at. Yet, it provided the same or more functions, and was much easier to set up and support. View full case study.d_parture Spa – Gina Stern, CEO and founder of d_parture spa

  • Pronto Wash

    Our managers can provide prompter service and attend to our customers’ needs, but most importantly, our customers spend less time waiting for their cars. View full case study.Pronto Wash – Marcelo Villena, president of ProntoWash, Puerto Rico

  • Launch Footware

    Not only does eMobilePOS allow us to optimize the space in our retail kiosks, but it only costs a fraction of other POS solutions. View full case study.Launch Footware – Richard Flaks, partner and co-owner