Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt POS

eMobilePOS Serves Up Ice Cream Treats 

eMobilePOS is a space-saving and easy to use tablet-based POS solution that helps ice cream and frozen yogurt shops to quickly ring up sales while keeping tab of inventory and sales during busy summer days.

POS for ice cream and frozen yogurt shops

  • Transform tablets and handhelds into cash registers
  • Quickly create electronic tickets and get rid of handwritten orders that are easy to lose or hard to read
  • Accept card payments – even offline
  • Record cash, checks, and gift cards to keep the books straight
  • Support NFC-enabled payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Send orders to a wireless printer and stay organized

Keep track of sales

  • Track sales in real-time
  • Identify best-selling flavors
  • Track employee hours
  • Manage inventory and reduce waste

Easy to use

  • Cut down on training of new staff members with easy-to-use tablet POS
  • Increase tipping with preset tip amounts
  • Easily add new flavors and add-ons
  • Add photos of menu items for easier navigation

Reward loyal patrons

  • Fully integrated rewards program makes it easy for customers to earn and redeem rewards
  • Quickly capture customer data that can be used for email promotions to drive more business

iPadAir with Cash Drawer2screen-500px

Affordable even for small businesses

    • Use stand alone or seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, SAGE and other accounting systems
    • Choose from a broad selection of stylish and compact hardware peripherals that save valuable counter space
    • Save big by selecting the most cost-efficient payment processor
    • Low monthly fee with no upfront cost for software licenses or servers


Watch how Red Mango uses eMobilePOS to speed up checkout and food prep or download the the case study in pdf format

Secure payments

      • EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and pin payments

Handheld POS

      • Add a handheld POS device for line busting during peak hours
      • and increase capacity without taking up valuable real estate

Key features

      • Process credit cards, checks and cash payments
      • EMV ready with chip and PIN payments
      • Support for NFC-enabled payments
      • Issue and accept gift cards
      • Put transactions on hold
      • Email or print receipts
      • Earn and redeem loyalty/rewards points
      • Capture customer information for email marketing
      • Scan items’ bar code or pick from menu
      • Control wireless cash drawer
      • Send order to food prep printer
      • Manage menu items, categories, and add-ons
      • Upload photos of menu items
      • Preset tip amounts
      • Work in off-line mode if no network is available
      • Integrate with QuickBooks, SAGE and other accounting systems
      • Access real-time access to dashboard analytics
      • Automated sales reports
      • Employee time keeping
      • Add a handheld device for line busting
      • Add eMobilePOS Kiosk for iPad for self-service



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