Food Truck POS

eMobilePOS Keeps Lines Moving During Peak Hours

eMobilePOS is a space-saving and easy to use tablet-based POS solution that helps food truck and mobile concession stands to keep lines moving during peak hours while tracking stock items, employees, and patrons.

Full-feature POS for food trucks and mobile concession stands

  • Transform both tablets and handhelds into cash registers
  • Take orders and ring up sales in no time – never loose customers due to long lines
  • Accept card payments – even offline
  • Record cash, checks, and gift cards to keep your books up to date
  • Create electronic tickets in a snap and get rid of the handwritten tickets that are lost or hard to read
  • Send orders to a wireless kitchen printer and stay organized

Keep track of sales

  • Track sales in real-time
  • Identify best-selling menu items
  • Track employee hours
  • Manage inventory and reduce food waste

Familiar user interface

  • Easy-to-use application cuts down training of new staff members
  • Easier tipping with preset tip amounts
  • Easily add or manage menu items and add-ons and update prices with just a click
  • Add photos of menu items for easier navigation

Reward loyal patrons

  • Fully integrated rewards program makes it easy for customers to earn and redeem rewards
  • Quickly capture customer data that can be used for email promotions to drive more business

iPadAir with Cash Drawer2screen-500px

Affordable even for small businesses

    • Use stand alone or seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, SAGE and other accounting systems
    • Choose from a broad selection of stylish and compact hardware peripherals that save valuable counter space
    • Save big by selecting the most cost-efficient payment processor
    • Low monthly fee with no upfront cost for software licenses

Nescafe mobile POS

Watch how Nescafe uses eMobilePOS in its mobile coffee truck

Secure payments

      • EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and pin payments
      • Accept NFC-based payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Handheld and Kiosk POS

      • Add a handheld POS device for line busting outside the truck during peak hours
      • Quickly increase the capacity without taking up valuable real estate inside the truck

Key features

      • Process credit cards, checks and cash payments
      • Issue and accept gift cards
      • Put transactions on hold
      • Email or print receipts
      • Earn and redeem loyalty/rewards points
      • Capture customer information for email marketing
      • Scan items’ bar code or pick from menu
      • Control wireless cash drawer
      • Send order to food prep printer
      • Manage menu items, categories, and add-ons
      • Upload photos of menu items
      • Enter tips
      • Work in off-line mode if no network is available
      • Integrate with QuickBooks, SAGE and other accounting systems
      • Access real-time access to dashboard analytics
      • Automated sales reports
      • Employee time keeping
      • Add a handheld device for line busting
      • Add eMobilePOS Kiosk for iPad for self-service



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