Honeywell Captuvo SL22 & SL42 Sleds

Honeywell Captuvo SL22 and SL42: Rugged Sleds for iPhone* and iPod touch**

The sleds for the iPhone and iPod touch enclose the handheld device in a protective housing for extra durability, enabling on the spot credit card transactions and high performance bar code scanning. The optional magnetic card reader features third-party key injection that encrypts cardholder data as the card is swiped. The sled reduces transaction time by 95 percent by automatically parsing bar code data found on government-issued identification cards for age verification or automatic form population for loyalty, membership or credit applications.

  • Protective housing for durability
  • 1D/2D imager for scanning of QR codes and other bar codes
  • Tamper-resistant screw prevents theft
  • Integrated credit card reader

*Compatible with Apple iPhone 5 and 5s
**Compatible with Apple iPod touch 4th generation