AnywhereCommerce Nomad 2.0


AnywhereCommerce Nomad 2.0 Chip & PIN and Magstripe Reader

The robust and flexible Nomad 2.0 supports mag-stripe, EMV chip and signature, and EMV chip and PIN, allowing businesses to take advantage of all EMV authentication methods. Bluetooth or USB connectivity easily pairs with a smartphone or tablet.

Features & Benefits

  • PCI 3.1 approved with the latest version of PCI, including SRED
  • Certified EMV Level 1 & 2 to read EMV chip & signature and mag-stripe cards
  • Flexible data connectivity options via Bluetooth or USB
  • The built-in battery means that power is not drawn from the mobile device, increasing reliability and uptime in the field.
  • Works with phones and tablets running Android, iOS, and Windows 8